About Me

Dawn Sanders

[picture of dawn holding a microphone in front of Sheffield District Register Office, with a gentleman on the right holding the speaker for the microphone]

I have a lifetime’s experience of advocating for myself as I am a single mum with a severe visual impairment. Additionally, I’ve also been advocating on behalf of my son for the last eighteen years as he is both hearing impaired and partially sighted. It’s been a long, hard road on both fronts, with many ups, downs and steep learning curves.

As we live in a culture that likes to put people with any disadvantage “in their place” I’ve turned this plight, more positively, into a fight for equality and respect.

I am a left-wing political activist and ‘passionate’ about representing those who have faced the same or similar situations as myself – such as being bullied by local authorities, hate crime, blatant discrimination, or small town ostracism. Therefore, this site and all of it’s ventures will be working on a multi-media platform: addressing politics, societal or human interest issues. As Barriers to Bridges Advocacy business has not been successful, I am building on a journalism/writing career, which will enable me to create a platform for marginalised individuals and communities.

Growing up in a strong matriarchal family, I learnt from an early age that whatever happens, I’m ‘not a victim’ but a survivor!